The Durant's
Grandpa and Grandma
holding Gracelynd at 3
days old.
My Aunt Deloris passed away July 31,
2012.  My cousins flew me back from
Nicaragua to say goodbye.  

Uncle Gordon passed away Dec. 30,
2010.  We will surely miss them!
Mom & Dad (Anne & Fred
Knell) were married over
57 years before she
passed on to heaven in
2001!  My dad passed away
Sept. 2015.
Nathan's parents -
Wallace & Carol Durant
Daughter Abi with Camdin
Son Brice Alondra & her
big sister Fatima
Beth (daughter) & Casey
with niece Alondra
My brothers Fred Allen & Lloyd.
Son Matthew with wife Ryann &
Gracelynd Kay
Daddy & Barbara Knell.
An old picture of my Mom & Dad (my Grandmother
Knell w/Santa) at the infamous Mt. Moriah
Christmas program.
Nephew Erick Knell & new wife April,
brother Fred Allen & Annie, nephew Dane.
Karen & I were hiding
behind Beth so we'd look
Cousins Karen Brightwell Ziler and Rick
Brightwell along with my siblings.  Our
mothers were sisters.
My dad and I.
Toby, Jacob, Daddy Casey, Talon, Jace
Alondra & her momma
Us with Camdin, Corbin & Cailin