The saints came marching one by one (hoorah! hoorah!) to SHARE ABOUT JESUS during Celebrando Navidad for the days of
December 27-29!  Most everyone arrived on the 26th & it was nice getting to spend some time visiting.  Bright & early on the
27th, breakfast followed by praise & worship, testimony and devotions.  115 North Americans (not including our cooks,
translators, friends) worked tirelessly on the first day hauling supplies, baking cupcakes, sorting or making more kid bags, and
loading the trailer and vehicles.  I must say that they are like a well oiled machine when getting things done.  We even had time
to revise the KID BAG instructions in order to work out the kinks of bags opening, chocolate melting (guess what's at my
house?) and making them equal.

The 28th was the day Customs at the border gave permission for hauling our supplies across into Mexico (to be stored in a
nearby church).  In the previous weeks while seeking this permission Nathan met an agent who could grant this permission
who was ALSO the Religious Director in Rio Bravo.  That was a GOD THING!  He met us at the border and brought us across!   
The food supplies for the hot dogs and charro beans were purchased at our friendly Mexico grocery store.  That is always a
'trip.'  We also sent a group to a different area to hold a service and they were pumped!  

FIESTA DAY finds us leaving bright and early in order to set the field up, distribute supplies, build fires and welcoming others
with the GOOD NEWS OF JESUS CHRIST!     By taking the guesses of many folks we believe there were between 1 and 2000
people in attendance with WITH MANY MAKING DECISIONS FOR CHRIST!  .  Every year I hear someone say...I came here to be a
blessing to others but found them to be the blessing!  There are always so many stories to share and between the website,
Facebook and the newsletter I hope you'll feel our experience.
The SUPPER crew!
Making 400 cupcakes is fun
when you're starting......
James & Carolyn putting raffle
bags together.
Sorting through Kid Bags to make
sure they're in ship shape!
Making more Kid Bags!
Indi and Jesse Stone leading praise and
Folks from the Dump church that
head up our food buying.
Breakfast time!
Loading up the groceries from our
neighborhood Mexican store - that
we ordered ahead.
Regan showed up
with a raspa
snowcone) at a
time when I
needed it most!
Unloading the vehicles
Youth conference for our kids and the
Getting the fires
started.  Rather than
feed at the end of the
day, we started at
11:00, swept away the
Sorting through 200#'s
of beans
Each weiner was
individually wrapped
in plastic, & had to be
There were no lack of volunteers
to watch Suzannah (Indi's girl).
Not ALL the early team were
Fingernail painting.
Witnessing while fitting
Our weiner chefs at work!
We ran out of kechup!
Jesse & Indi
Face painting
Just one of several games.
The prize candy guards!
The popcorn folks
The Cake Walk.
The water and ticket dudes!
It doesn't matter the age, if
you KNOW HIM, you can
A view from the stage.
Handing out salvation bracelets and
sharing Jesus.
Our cousins came
this year!
This box trailer was donated to us
several years ago, and has been a
The Mexican pastors we worked with were given
'extra's' to use for their churches.
Using a marker board
to share Jesus.
Receiving his Kid Bag!  We
didn't run out this year!
Look in her hands, she's
using a witnessing bear that
had a necklace with the
salvation colors.  Thank you
to FBC McAlester for
making them
TEAM - GREEN            TRANSLATORS - BLUE              US - YELLOW
The different colors are so we can find each other on the field amongst everyone!