Like Elijah Ministry
We are self supporting through blessings from a
monthly income.  Nathan's mother, Carol Durant,
handles all contributions which may be sent to the
Krebs address or through PayPal.  

Like Elijah Ministry, Inc. is a 501(c)3organization so
contributions in support of our ministry are tax
deductible.  For tax purposes, you will receive a record
of contributions after the end of the calendar year.
307 North 12th Street
Donna, TX  78537

P.O. Box 963
Krebs, OK  74554

Melody  956-970-0072
Nathan  956-970-0073
We want to thank you for your support that help
pay the bills, buys our food and clothing and
everyday necessities in addition to our mission
work.. Thank you!  Your prayers keep our spirits
encouraged, holds us up before  the throne
and keeps us on the right path.
Here's our MANSION!
Bottom floor is ours,
green grass & a  window!
My first can of orange paint was to close to
the Longhorns so......I went to a different
Wal Mart to find OSU ORANGE - sure
wouldn't want anyone to mistake us for

11-7-12...It's a little modified now...was
banged up right after OSU took residence
AND now the door has fell off!