This church is special to Nathan and my hearts. It's been 8 years since we started working with this church, smack dab in the middle
of the old dump, even baptize in the Rio Grande. As the Lord continued to move us to minister more in Nicaragua, he brought Arturo
and Annabell Coronado along to take over the pastorate. Through the years we've seen the babies grow up to take part, some of
the folks have moved off, some have went back to their original ways - just like in the United States. Please keep the church that is
close to our hearts, in your prayers. Many of you have been here, and remain a part of their lives.

On this particular visit, the Coronado's had challenged the church to bring visitors, handing out flyers that told of free hot dogs,
prizes, rice for the families! There was a packed house with smiling faces!

The part I'm excited about.... our friend Barbara Delecerda (aka Snowflake) has taught 'tools of evangelism' to many of our mission
teams, who then went home and taught their church members. Today's service consisted of several members sharing Jesus
through those tools! They aren't just sitting in their seats, they're being BOLD for the Lord!
Extra chairs had to be brought in, it was full by the middle
of the service.
Using the colors to share about
salvation... white is purity,
black-sin, red-blood,
yellow-heaven, green-growth.
Valeria (with her Tia
Angeles) telling a story that
starts with a slide, house,
rocket, airplane and a cross.
The kids had 2 dance routines set to
Christian music, and performed for us.
Arturo is reading her mind. He
learned these tricks from Joel
(English teacher that went to
Nicaragua this summer with us).
Arturo sharing with the heart
'tear' trick. He tears the heart
to pieces but at the end of his
sharing, he still has a whole
Afterwards, everyone was given a
sack lunch.
Nathan preaches his own
Church folks helping sack the goodies.
The kids were babies when we first
started coming, they help with
Backside of the church. The windows come out
to let air in, a view of a wagon that is for
transportation or hauling trash, and the
underside of the roof, that Alabama and Okie
folks built.
Just looking through the door as
they finish up.
Diego and Tonia (cousins) ran the sacks
back and forth. When Diego was itty bitty, I
scared him (with my witch laugh) so bad, he
would have nothing to do with me for 2
years. Now he's my best buddy.
Mom and daughter sacked rice
for each family.
We realized that we ran out of
Little Debbie's too quickly.
When we told the kids to put
'one of each' in the bags... they
thought we meant one of each
dessert! We had to go through
and pull out 2 extra's to add to
the other bags.