2012 and 2009
Jorge with his nephews
2012 and 2010
(different younger sister
this time).  Damaris rides
a bus clear across
Reynosa to come to
2012 and 2009
Mom Sonja, Odaylis, Tonja
and Edwardo
2012 and 2009
Mom Claudia with
Eliza and Lizeth
2012 and 2009
Yuri & Carlos (he got saved
this year but still have to
work to get him here), Lupita,
Karla, Moises, Memo.
2012 and 2009
Mom Diana with baby (?),
Daniel and Daniela.
2012 and 2009
Big brother now
Mom and Daughter with their kids!
2012 and 2009
Gloria and Hugo (he
got saved 2 yrs ago &
hasn't stopped
working for the Lord!)
That's her neice.  
2012 and 2009
Josefina with Pedro
and Gustavo.  Still
for her husband!
2012 and 2009
Mama and Papa Timotheo!
New comers.  They heard about
the church on the radio.  Wonder
what directions they were told to
find us in the old dump?
2012 and 2009
Mama and Papa with 5 of their kids
and a few grandkids.
They have come for 2 years but
guess they weren't there for
picture time!  
Beto with his momma and niece &
Beto & Manuel wanted their
picture together because the're
buddies.  These 2 were our
resident church drunks in the
past.  They could sure praise
Jesus on those days.  Arturo had
told them...if you're gonna drink,
do it on Saturday so you can be
sober on Sunday!  It's rare now
that they come a dancing in.  

Manuel is the musical one.  He
brings plastic bottles filled with
rocks & uses it as his shaker.  
Once he had an old plumbing part
filled with rocks.  Next time we go
to Nicaragua I'm getting him his
own maracha's!
Rosario is the Youth teacher.
This family is so faithful.  Momma is
blind & her husband guides her
along.  Daughter was a guest.
He is a NEW man, and
boy is he.  As soon as we
arrive he is unloading
the van, washing the
windows, picking up
after everyone!  You
can't tell here but he has
the U.S. tattooed on his
face!  That had to hurt!
We've been with the church since 2007 but pictures came
later.  We are able to spend months in Nicaragua with Arturo
pastoring the church.  It really makes no difference what our
economic level or housing situation is...your family are those
Christians that surround you with love and prayers.  This
church has truly been our
Arturo, Annabell and Arty have been such a BLESSING.  It's
given Nathan a man with a LIKE mind to talk JESUS and me a
friend for all the journeys across the border!  Arty...he's my
right hand man dividing up giveaways and making plates of
Juanita with 1 of her 3.  It's
taken several yrs. for her
to feel comfy being
hugged.  Today she gave
me a quick kiss on the
Juanie (ctr) w/granddaughter &
friend.  She is a pastora across
town where we've preached.
Our friend Dawn Rogers from the Mt. Olive Methodist VBS, Mississippi put together bags of rice and beans to be
shared with the Dump Church.  THANK YOU Dawn for teaching your kids about missions...perhaps one of them will be
called as a missionary one day!