On Our Own!
Nathan headed to Nicaragua in January, while I followed the first of February.  I was finishing up on
the most recent Celebrando Navidad and updating things for the next one.  During this time my
father in law passed away, Nathan flew in from Nicaragua and me from Texas, and met up in
Oklahoma.  Wallace Durant was a servant of the Lord and a man of mercy, he was ready to meet his
Lord and Savior!

Now that we're both in the same country, we've been busy making contacts with pastors
throughout the country, setting up crusades and VBS for this summer, and preaching where
invited.  And I have a STOVE!  We found a used one, I've learned how to crawl on my knees to light
the pilot, use the washing machine as my work area, and HAPPILY fix supper and some sweets.  I
did come in direct contact with my brand new paring knife.... and the knife won.  Rather than get
stitches, we just squeezed it tight and kept it together.  What's another battle scar?
My stove!  If the wind is blowing (&
it has), it takes twice as long to
cook.  The stove on the table was
my previous one, but now I have
an oven.  
Traveling by crazy bus to Jinotega
(mountains), we met up with Pastor
Oscar.  Our first team in May will be
working in this area.
Pastor Gregory from the Matagalpa
(more mountains) will be setting
up VBS for our Purcell, OK team.  
We worked with him previously in
Waslala (way, way away) but he's
relocated to a different church.
Nathan, Roger, Michael (our taxi),
Francisco and Pastor Urrithio
This bus isn't nearly full yet!
Every other Sunday, our pastor friend
and his church come to the free
hospital at 5:00 a.m. to hand out coffee,
cake and prayers.
Us with Roger.  He goes with us
everywhere, came to know the
Lord 3 yrs. ago.
After getting off the bus, we met our pastor, ate
at Nathan's favorite breakfast spot, looked at
saddle accessories.....
We get to go in before the doctors arrive.
Thank you to Trinitiy Baptist
of Bartlesville, OK for
having the books of John &
Romans shipped to us, to
give out.
The same Sunday as the hospital visit (Feb.
14), we get word that a friends mom passed
and would Nathan help with the service.
Walking 2 miles to the cemetary, through the
city streets.
Homes were far and wide, one time taking 2 hours on horses to get there.  School goes up to 6th grade, but parents don't make the kids go.  Our team slept in
hammocks, bathed out of buckes, ate rice, beans and bananas 3 times a day.  Had the freedom to preach in the community, homes and church.  Several came to know
the Lord, and was worth the effort to get to these out of reach areas!
(by Costa Rica)
Preaching at this Baptist Church in
Baby Melody
from Masaya, to
the left!

Baby Melody of
Chinandega, to the
right (Violet, the
After riding a bus for 4 hours, they walked or rode horses through the streams, mountains, up and down hills to minister in a
prearranged area.
A visit to
Somotillo (border
of Honduras) to
meet with Pastor
Julio - preaching
to one another!
Friends purchased & shipped bibles to
us in Nicaragua!  The bigger boxes are
thousands of BOO BOO ink pens that we
get at 1/2 cent each, to give out to
school kids we witness too.
A week was spent traveling to Chinandega, Somotillo (Honduras border) and Leon
to do street ministry, go home to home witnessing and preach in churches.  
Through the years we've made many friends, some we just happen to come across
on the street.  In Leon we were to preach in the rural area, this had been set up for
quiet a while.  Once we arrived we never could get ahold of the pastor.  Walking
through town a pastor we met YEARS ago, stopped us, asked if we would preach at
their street service that night.  Isn't that something?  God already had things set
up.  They also invited Nathan to teach a 2 day conference in August.
The street
started with a
Can YOU do that?
The local pastors went with us to
share Jesus.
If you cant walk, take your horse or ox or
get to a bus, here's your neighborhood
store, which is rather well stocked.
One of the services.  It really is hard to
come home, sit in church, and wonder how
we get by not reaching out to the Lost?
Church is NOT a habit, but a lifestyle.