Celebrating our (28, 29, 30, 31) 32nd wedding anniversary with us, First Baptist Church of Purcell, OK brought 3 teams to share Vacation
Bible School in the mountains of Matagalpa!  Our Church of God pastor friend Gregory and his wife joined us, having set up all the
appointments.  Many, many children and adults heard the Word of Jesus Christ, many said they accepted Him as their Savior.  Thank you to
this team that gives of their time each year, to do this.
Well, Lincoln caught the ball!
Shelton is still on his feet.
Here's the team... Sally, Shelton, Cooper, Susie, Don, Mike, Keller, Shelly, Lincoln,
JoEtte, James, Gregory
After services, we gave out rice and
the Book of John & Romans, that Trinity
Bapt in Bartlesville, OK has printed &
shipped to us.
We're at a coffee plantation that has
a church and school included.  Sally,
Keller & Cooper are balloon making
During the service.
So what's a team to do when there is
no afternoon VBS?  You go to the
market and share Jesus, one on one!  
Shelton preached.
We had asked to go to an orphanage
but somewhere the translation was
mixed up - went to a nursing home!  
Oh, how I enjoyed loving on them.
Daily, this team was told to expect 100
less that what showed up!  Seems that
instead of having 2 VBS, there was just 1
GIANT one!
Beautiful mountains!
Cooper bought
EVERYONE ice cream!
Then witnessed to the
Eskimo man!
Tug of War during the teaching break.  This is the day
the mosquito shared Chikungunya with me.  I was
fading way and the lack of pictures defeated me.  
Masaya Area
Mike taught the teams the 'tear'
trick that ends up with a cross, to
be used when sharing Jesus.
They came in droves to hear what we had to
Are Brenda & Marty lost?
Nathan's brother Dwayne giving
out reach, as the folks leave
after the service.  If you want
rice, you have to attend the
The devil knows how to poke & poke
until we burst, but with Jesus - we can
do all things!  Phil. 4:13
Don't have to travel far to buy meat!
It's all about this!
Nathan preaching!
Closing off a street to have a
'come to Jesus' meeting!  How cool
is that?
Roger & Justin sorting out supplies that
are left.  Pastors (that worked with us)
were given what was left and challenged
to go out and evangelize!
Mitch (with Kevin translating) gave
his bible away to one of his new