Plus James, Leo &
Leigh Ann!
The TEAM on the last night, blurry you say?
Shelly's Team...This day we were told to expect
180 kids between 2 VBS.  Actually.... there were
Alex, Connor, Shelton, Kellar, Sally
and Charlie!  These were hard
workers and never backed down.  
They asked me to join them for UNO
& I tried to explain about going to
bed early.  Kellar told me to 'suck it
up!,' and I did. And won 2 games to
his 1.  Last year I won at SPOONS.  
One day they'll learn I'm a game
View from the porch. I helped prepare
the snacks by opening a million
packages of cookies and duming into
trash bags (clean ones) and get the
Nica ladies to make koolaid. I couldn't
get through the crowd so I snuck
around back, there has to be a back
door, right? Except there was a man
asleep in a hammock. I called 'hola,
hola,' but he didn't wake. I tiptoed past
him, up the stairs, waving at family as I
passed by, to get to the porch.
Hallalue, Hallalue, Hallalue, Hallaluejah!
Glory Adios!
Though each team differed from one another in some
presentations, the them was the Salvation Colors - black (sin),
gold (heaven), white (purity), red (blood) & green (growth).  
We're in a house today.  You
never know where you'll be
but we were assured of going
around the mountains!
Susie's Team... There were always packed
churches or houses, no matter the weather!
Brian had quite a few new experiences
this week - especially preaching for the
first time, and at a moments notice.
Michelle's Team... each team separated
the momma's from the VBS kids, to preach
to separately.  There were 46 in the
kitchen area!
Over 1500 kids and adults heard the
accepting Him as their Lord and
Savior!  Have you?
Shelly sharing with the
Handing out candy and
tracks to the kids, rice to
the adults.
EVERYONE looked forward to
suppertime, eating Nica food!
Thank you to Trinity Baptist, Bartlesville, OK
for providing the books of John & Romans to
be used and given out!  Thanks also to World
Missionary Press that provide bible tracts
that are given to everyone we meet!
Alex & myself groovin out as
our volunteer koolade
maker tries to get away!

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